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The Midwives

In 1983 Janet Grant, CNM opened the only nurse midwifery practice in Mesa County. She felt strongly that women should have the choice of a supporting skilled midwife as they begin their journey into motherhood. She practiced at Family Health West and St. Mary's Hospital for the first few years. The physicians of Women's Health Care of Western Colorado agreed to back her up in providing much needed family centered midwifery care in the Grand Valley.

The nurse midwives of Mesa Midwives have been a part of keeping birth in the Grand Valley an empowering experience for 27 years. Together, they have delivered over 12,000 babies on the Western Slope of Colorado. The ability to be “with women” has been enhanced with the opening of St. Mary's Hospital’s new Women and Children's Units, which include water birth and aromatherapy. Please come and meet the nurse midwives of Mesa Midwives.

Janet V. Grant, CNM

Janet GrantI discovered my passion for midwifery when I was in college in 1971. I met a midwife from California and she taught me that birth is a normal part of a women's life and needs to be supported and encouraged. She inspired me to become a midwife and I started my studies in Boulder, CO, with Dr. Julie Carpenter. I loved the idea of being with women throughout the life process and especially during the miracle of birth. 

Once I decided to become a nurse midwife, it couldn't happen fast enough for me. I graduated from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO, in 1979, and began working in Labor and Delivery at St. Mary's Hospital. I received my certificate in Nurse Midwifery from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, in 1982.

I returned to Grand Junction and with the support of Dr. Stephen Meacham and the physicians at Women's Health Care of Western Colorado, began my practice. I delivered the first baby in the area "born into the gentle hands of a nurse midwife" in August of 1983. Since then, I have attended more than 5,200 births and every one is still special.

I have also worked hard to learn to communicate with women in Spanish. I love what I do and consider it a privilege to be able to support you in your journey to parenthood. I am so grateful and honored to be a midwife and to be included in this intimate moment in the life of a new family. Guiding a woman and her family through labor and seeing her emerge into motherhood triumphant brings me great peace and happiness.

I was privileged to deliver my sister's baby 17 years ago. My husband and I are proud and loving parents of our two crazy Standard Poodles, Cosmic Charlie and Scarlet Begonias.

Karen Ady, CNM

Karen Ady
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