Portrait of worried young woman waiting for the result of the pregnancy test

The inability to become pregnant may be a frustrating time for you and your partner. At Women’s Health Care we evaluate for both female and male infertility and offer diagnosis and treatment. At your first office visit, it is important for both you and your partner to be present to discuss medical and surgical histories.  We will likely order laboratory and radiologic studies to evaluate for hormonal and structural problems leading to infertility. Once a diagnosis has been made, we offer treatment with medications and/or inseminations to achieve pregnancy.


If your infertility issues require specialty care with a reproductive endocrinologist for in-vitro fertilization, we help facilitate the necessary lab work and ultrasounds so that your travel is minimized. We work with a number of reproductive endocrinologists in both Denver and Salt Lake City. If needed, we can help facilitate your referral to one of these specialists.


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