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Practice Announcements

In our continued effort to provide our patients with full obstetrical and gynecological care, Women's Health Care is very pleased to announce two additional services for our established and "soon-to-be established" patients.

The first is OMT, or Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy. This is a form of manipulative treatment, applied by osteopathic physicians Dr. Boukovski, Dr. Pearson, or Dr. Williams, which is aimed in treating the body as a whole and to assist the body in its proper function and healing. Osteopathic doctors use techniques to influence the body's healing of itself, including manipulation of soft tissue and muscle as well as mobilization of the joints. Many find relief from pain through manipulation. Services provided will be billed to insurance if Women's Health Care is a contracting provider with the patient's specific plan.

Secondly, Patricia A. Nizalowski, Registered Massage Therapist, will be visiting our office on a monthly basis to provide relaxing massage for our patients. Ms. Nizalowski has been a therapist for 24 years and has received training and education in many aspects of massage including Hot Stone Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Jin Shin Do Acupressure to name a few. A 30 minute session is presented to each of Women's Health Care new obstetrical patients as a congratulatory gift from her doctor; additional sessions are $50.00, and can be scheduled by OB and non-OB patients alike.

If you think that you would benefit by either or both of these services, please call our office to schedule an appointment.